Subject: Re: Merger
To: None <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/29/1994 17:11:17
Allen wrote:
> Chris wrote:
> > I can't speak for the Alice people, but this would be seriously
> > frowned upon.  Linux is covered by the license terms of the GNU
> > General Public License, and the people working on NetBSD do not
> > allow that license anywhere _near_ our kernel code.
> They're welcome to use any of our work.  I would encourage them, of
> course, to put their work under the same kind of copyright we use.
> The point is moot, though, since they haven't bothered to talk to us
> at all.  I imagine that they're having a "good time" with the PowerPC
> architecture...

Certainly if these gentlemen decide to call us and ask, we'd be happy
to help; they can already download our code and distill most of the
useful information.

My belief, and I've said this before, is that it would take a Richard
Stallman and two Lawrence Kesteloots working together for a year to
crack the documentationless PowerMacs.  I think they, like other
teams I've heard were working on Mac UNIXs, will eventually give
up, much like we've almost done in the past.  I'd be willing to
reverse my position if I heard anything else from them than "we
plan to have a kernel in August" and "we have a cross-compiler

(I haven't had a coke with sugar in it for days; I must be getting

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