Subject: Re: dt, non-single boot, control chars & #
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: Brian R. Gaeke <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/25/1994 22:01:39
> >setting tty flags
> >ser0: ioctl(,-2147191716,,)
> >ser1: ioctl(,-2147191716,,)
> >and then a freeze (tho i can type and press return, it doesn't actually do anything)
> I believe that if you comment out the 'ttyflags -a' line in /etc/rc,
> this problem will go away.

Yes, I have had this problem before and ttyflags -a was the culprit. 

> bash is a shell, but not one of the standard system shells.
> I'm not sure, but i'd expect that it's _not_ shipped with the
> 'standard' system binaries.  (If it is, then i've gotta talk to/at
> some people...  8-)

It's not distributed -- that's why it isn't being found. 
I'm pretty sure that the unadulterated GNU source compiles, but I
don't have a BSD machine here to test that theory on.

> I don't know why 'dt' requires bash, though.  Perhaps one of the Alice
> folks will explain this.

It doesn't really, as far as I remember, but it was a hardcoded value.
A patch was posted more-or-less recently to one of the macbsd-* lists
that removed this restriction. It would probably work to symlink one of
the old shells to /usr/bin/bash for the time being, though.

(disclaimer: I don't speak for the macBSD folks, the above message is 
probably false)

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