Subject: dt, non-single boot, control chars & #
To: None <>
From: Juliana Fleming <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/25/1994 19:47:00
As you know, I'm running the BETA-1 bins, the 071194 kernel, and the 1.1 booter
on an SE/30 with 8megs of ram. Most of BSD works great, except when i boot
multi, i get:
setting tty flags
ser0: ioctl(,-2147191716,,)
ser1: ioctl(,-2147191716,,)
and then a freeze (tho i can type and press return, it doesn't actually do anything)
i get control codes whenever i boot single and try to do anything (which, I
assume, is fixed with desktop) however, desktopdoesn't work at all...
i managed to compile it, and get a binary, however, upon execution:
# dt
(then, interestingly enough, the vt comes up on my external radius...)
bash: no such file or directory
/dev/ptyp1: Input/output error
/dev/ptyp2: Input/output error
then, nothing...not even a shell.
i assume bash means the shell..but isn't this already installed? do i have to
compile it? is there a way to keep it from going to my radius and keep it
on my internal (i wish i knew how, but i'm not up on the c code) :>

also, from looking at the mailing-list archive i see that i was/am not the
only one with the repeating # problem. is this solved in dt?

sorry for being such a pain, i'm just a parttime unix user...not a real hacker.