Subject: Re: oops, mailing probelms
To: Juliana Fleming <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/24/1994 19:25:55
> # make
> cc -g -Wall -c main.c
> mode = 0100600, inum = 18539, fs = /
> panic: ffs_valloc: dup alloc
> Pausing forever.

how did you boot?  did 'fsck' get run?

Ususally, errors like this are caused when:
	(1) the file system in question is corrupted, not fsck'd, and
		used, or
	(2) the file system is fsck'd, fixed, is the root file system,
		and is not properly reloaded.

I dunno if the snapshot you have supports reloading of the root file
system after fsck; it's normally done automatically by fsck, if it is.
(If your fs _was_ fsck'd, it's likely that it doesn't support

> dm (i don't actually know what this is)
> --
> # random_game_with_a_link_to_dm (usr/games)
> dm: getloadavg() failed.
> #

'dm' is the 'dungeon master' which keeps people from playing games
when that's not appropriate.  (What's appropriate is defined by
a system configuration file.)

It does things like check to see if the load average is too high,
and if so, disallows games.

How old is are the binaries you're using (i don't keep track
of the mac port's binary situation...)?  it could be that they're
using the old version of getloadavg() which required read access
to /dev/kmem...  If they're that old, i'd think that there
almost _have_ to be newer versions somewhere...

> could this be because w gives 0 users online?

probably not.



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