Subject: Re: MacBSD MacIIsi?
To: Jonathan Shaw <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/23/1994 08:38:34
> On Tue, 23 Aug 1994, Valtteri Vuorikoski wrote:
> > > I have a IIsi with FPU, and the internal video is not used. Does this mean
> > > there is a chance MacBSD will run on my Mac, or are there more problems?
> >  It might boot, but the ADB won't work.
> If the ADB doesn't work, how are you supposed to use it? Also, does it 
> have ADB problems on the other machines that it "works" on (like a Mac 
> II)? If it doesn't, is the problem on the IIsi related to the fact that 
> the ADB, SCSI, and serial is all in the SCC chip?

For those of you who are interested in asking a question about MacBSD,
I suggest first that you browse the last few months' traffic on the
macbsd-general mailing list, which is archived on

The kernel has been recently enhanced by Lawrence Kesteloot to run in
the full memory space on a Mac IIsi.  ADB still does not work, but many
users seem to have success configuring serial logins, which do work.
One or two very enterprising users have even configured their Macs
to come up on SL/IP automatically.  The definitive source for new
MacBSD kernels remains

ADB, SCSI, and SCC are not all on the same chip, as I understand it.
SCSI and SCC may be rolled into the same controller, but ADB, the
Real-Time-Clock, Power Management, and Parameter Ram are all combined
into a chip which is mentioned as the "Egret" in a couple places on  The "Egret" is incompatible with the ADB controller
in the earlier Macs, and that's why ADB doesn't work on the IIsi,
IIvx, Classic II, PowerBooks, and most other Macs.

Brad Grantham, >+------+< Happily slaved to NetBSD/Mac68k!
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