Subject: Re: more IIsi questions
To: NetBSD/Mac68k interest group <>
From: Albert A. Martin <Al.Martin@Eng.Sun.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/18/1994 17:13:47
Daniel Risacher said:
> I tried booting single user and it told me:
> tset: No such file or directory
> which is probably 'cuz I didn't put in all of beta-0, 
> but it gave me a "#" prompt! Unfortunately, of course, it didn't 
> see the keyboard...

I have a completely different setup, but had a similar problem.
I was able to get to the single user prompt ("#") but died soon after
trying to go multi.  Because of space limitations, I had not installed
/usr/lib.  I was told that's needed by the programs which are
dynamically linked.  [Apparently everything needed to get to single
user is statically linked.]  As soon as I installed /usr/lib, I was
able to boot multiuser.

Other than /usr/include and /usr/share, you pretty much need to
install everything.  There are a couple of files in /usr/share 
you'll need, but lack of them shouldn't prevent you from booting.

Hope this helps...


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