Subject: Re: Ethernet Devices
To: None <>
From: Brad Parker <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/18/1994 08:17:31
Michael Wight wrote:
>I just installed MacBSD on a MacIIx with 8MB RAM, an 80MB HD, and a
>Racal Interlan ethernet board. The installation went fine, but now
>after the machine has been up for 1/2 hour or less I get an error:
>/netbsd ae0: device timed out
>cr 22, isr 2
>cr 22, isr 3

The "cr xx, isr x" is a printf in if_ae.c

The "ae0: device timed out" is also a printf, caused by the watchdog timer
in if_ae.c.  This happens if no 'send packet' interrupt occurs.

Is the ethernet card connected to a network?  Does it work at all?