Subject: Re: Ethernet Devices
To: None <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/17/1994 18:17:10
> I just installed MacBSD on a MacIIx with 8MB RAM, an 80MB HD, and a
> Racal Interlan ethernet board. The installation went fine, but now
> after the machine has been up for 1/2 hour or less I get an error:
> /netbsd ae0: device timed out
> cr 22, isr 2
> cr 22, isr 3
> I'm not sure about the first line, but that is pretty close to the
> actual error message. Has anyone ever experienced this problem? If so,
> I would appreciate any help solving it.

Do you mean that the ethernet card is actually working for a half an
hour?  I didn't think *any* ethernet cards worked at all.  If it's
working for you, I'm very surprised.

As far as the failure goes, you might ask about it.
Brad Parker is (I think) the original author of the MacBSD ethernet


(1) the card is actually working for 1/2 hour, maybe you need to look at your
	cabling or termination.  You may also be encountering latency problems
	in the driver subsystem.

(2) the card is just sitting there unused, you are probably seeing the
	message resulting from the driver's attempts to initialize the
	card.  The solution is for us to fix the kernel to allow optionally
	ignoring the card, to fix the actual driver, or to remove the
	card from the IIx.

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