Subject: Re: How to boot on IIx?
To: None <>
From: Franklin Chen <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/10/1994 17:35:14
> When I run the booter the screen changes and NetBSD goes through a boot
> sequence.  With the single user option checked, the system appears to go
> through a process of identifying the various hardware components.  It then
> asks for a shell (I respond by hitting return), next it asks for the
> terminal type (I respond with VT100).  I am then left in single user mode,
> superuser prompt (#) with a read only file system.  I am able, at this
> point, to move around the file system and list various files.  This lasts
> for a little while and ends up with a constantly scrolling #  # on the
> screen (I think I saw this mentioned in discussion here) at which point I
> reach around the back and reboot.  If I try and mount the file system
> read/write with the mount command I get a response "No /etc/fstab".  When I
> try and go to multi-user mode (control-d return), I get paragraphs of text
> that start with "Welcome to NetBSD....".  It appears to be trying to
> execute some commands, but they are apparently failing and this process
> continues to loop (until control-c).

I had this exact same problem on my SE/30 months ago (I never had the time to
try to figure out why), so maybe someone should enlighten us all about how to
get around this, once and for all :-).
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