Subject: Re: IIsi test results
To: Dave Slotter <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/09/1994 14:06:03
> I finally got the chance to test the IIsi kernal on my machine, but during
> the booting process it asks me what my terminal type is. Since the keyboard
> is inactive I can't answer it. Apparently this question it is asking is not
> in rc, rc.local or rc.distribution, so I can't edit it out in my text
> editor. What do I do to correct this problem or what information do I need
> to give you to answer it? I'm running the beta1 from cray-ymp and the
> 7/31/94 IIsi test kernel.

Is it actually asking you for a terminal type?  I've been asked which
*shell* to use when booting into single user mode.  You should probably
check to make sure you have "single-user mode" unchecked in the booter

> I'm also running into another difficulty--I don't seem to get print output
> during the booting process from either the modem or printer port on my
> IIsi. Is this a problem of mine or a software incompatibility with the
> IIsi? Later I'll hook up a RS232 analyzer to the system and see if anything
> is happening.

Uh-oh.  This may be a problem with the serial routines, or you may be
using one of our kernels that has serial disabled.

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