Subject: Re: MacBSD 1.0
To: Matt Roca <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/08/1994 17:33:02
> Assuming the scheduled release of MacBSD 1.0 is still next Monday,
> then we are getting closer to the release. Does anyone know what
> new machines will be supported in 1.0, and whether the keyboard/mouse
> drivers for the IIvx will be included? I am guessing that, among 
> the supported CPUs, there will be no 68040's. Much less what I really
> need, support for a 68LC040 (No FPU). Of course, I'd be happy just for
> the support for the IIvx.

For those of you who have been busily trying to keep up with
development over the last few weeks: the reason you can't is that
we have been feverishly trying to integrate our newest ideas into
MacBSD.  This is why sources don't compile, your questions go
unanswered, and you get weird expositions on the state of moldy
custard posted four A.M in the morning from us.  We've been trying
to solidify a really nice 1.0 release to provide extended support
for other machines and features and devices, but it seems like a
lot of our efforts have fallen through because of lack of time and

All I ask is that you stick with us for another week or two before
giving up or screaming, "WHERE IS 1.0?!?!?"

This is what I've heard will be supported in 1.0:
	Mac II
	Mac IIx
	Mac IIcx
	Mac SE/30
	Mac IIci, full memory + internal video
	Mac IIsi, full memory + internal video, no ADB
	Mac IIvx, no internal video, no ADB
	Possibly other 68030 and 68040 Macs with 5380 SCSI and FPU,
		but ADB probably won't work

These things will work in 1.0:
	"dt" multiplexing graphic terminal
	"hfs" program for browsing/reading HFS partitions
	"adbutil" program for diagnosing/tracing ADB subsystem execution
	/dev/adb device for ADB events (on supported machines)
	BSD 4.4 functionality in kernel and binaries
	improved Installer

These things won't work in 1.0:
	floppy,	sound
	ADB Power Mitten under 8088 CP/M emulation
	53C96 SCSI (Quadras, Centrises)
	internal video on IIvx and the like (includes PB and Duos)
	FPU-less machines

These things might work if miracles occur in the next few days:
	ADB on IIvx and other "Egret" based machines (includes PBs and Duos)
		("Egret" is a Power/ADB/RTC/PRAM microcontroller)
	Internal video on the IIvx and others

Don't even *ask* about PowerPCs...

Brad Grantham, >+------+< Happily slaved to NetBSD/Mac68k!
MacBSD : II, IIx, IIcx, IIci, SE/30, IIsi, IIvx -- The list is growing...