Subject: Re:Mac partition corruption
To: None <>
From: Greg Gingerich <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/05/1994 10:55:05
> Ok I have an 80 Meg Hard drive and I have it partitioned 50 meg to
> NetBSD and 30 to MacOS. When ever I boot NetBSD and then quit it ends up
> destroying the Mac partition. It corrupts it MAJORLY! When I run disk
> fix to try and repair it I can get it repaired enough to mount it but
> the files on it are all destroyed.  Is there a file in NetBSD I need to
> configure or is there a certain way I should power down NetBSD to keep
> this from happening?

Based on your statement that:
you have a 50meg NetBSD partition + 30meg MacOS partition = 80 Meg HD.

I'd say that you probably forgot to create a swap partition for MacBSD.

If this is true, and MacBSD is trying to use your MacOS partition for
swap space, then it will certainly destroy that partition.

You need a minimum swap space partition of probably 8 megs or so.
(At least as much swap space as you have RAM, and more is better)

For more details see the FAQ and README files on cray-ymp.
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