Subject: Re: New si/ci kernel
To: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/03/1994 08:22:06
>I've uploaded:
>    /pub/NetBSD_Mac/for_testing/
>    /pub/NetBSD_Mac/for_testing/
>This is the new dt and will only work with this kernel.
>If it crashes on a IIsi or IIci, let me know what it printed at the
>top of the screen on boot.

Well, I successfully booted with the netbsd-073194 kernael on my IIci. I
have 16Meg RAM in Bank A (4 Meg in Bank B, that I guess can still be not
used?), and internal video disconnected. I have a nunbus video card. I also
used the new dt that goes along with this new kernel. And it worked very
well. The Command-V for paste, and command-F for font changes, command-O
for another virtual terminal, all works very well. I also noticed no key
repeats. Is this temporary? The key repeat is kind of nice in dt. The July
11 kernel had it and it worked well.

Also I used slip connection without problem. I used as a slip host as well
as a slip client, without any problems. The network options work fine. I
am, BTW, using July 24 binaries from Somenoe had problem
yesterday with slip. I guess he was using BETA-1 binaries. I could not also
use slip and July 11 onward kernels with BETA-1.

Next, I recompiled ps. It still does not work, Gives procsize mismatch. I
don't understand, since I have the latest libs, binaries, includes and
everything. I successfuly compiled latest dt and hfs.

The new hfs worked much better than the old one. I could copy larger files
from Macside, 1 to 2 MB. I had no problems with ascii files. I think the
looks of the counter at the bootom, as the files get copied is kind of
cute, reminds me of being in Las Vegas, gambling.

But I had problems with copying large binaries, likr lib.tar.gz (1.2MB)
from mac     side. I copied all the bytes. But I could not unzip it. I then
tried copying tar files, like bin.tar. Once again, they copied fine, but I
could not extract them completely. I got incomplete core. To check that if
I had problems with files, I went to the macside. And they were OK. I could
unzip them using MacGZip, and untar them with gnu's tar for mac program. 

But I had no problem with smaller binary files (less than 100 K ). Once
again, hfs is a convenience, not a necessasity, so no big deal. This is FYI

Thanks once again for all your efforts.

Bharat S. Jhaveri