Subject: Re: MacBSD on Powerbook
To: Andrew Papanikolas <>
From: Erik Speckman <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/02/1994 23:28:38
At  8:33 PM 8/2/94 -0700, Andrew Papanikolas wrote:
>  I know that this in a FAQ, but the FAQ a few weeks old. What is the
>status of MacBSD for the powerbooks? I have a 165c, and I'm wondering
>when I'll see MacBSD on this machine.

It is my understanding that the power conservation circutry in the
powerbooks poses a unique problem and that as such it is something that
isn't likely to be solved anytime soon, unless you want to do it :)  There
may also be problems with the ADB.

(not a developer)

Erik Speckman