Subject: Re: etc.tgz????
To: Sky Striker <>
From: Matt Roca <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/02/1994 23:21:05
> >in the FAQ for NetBSD/Mac, the minimum installation is said to need
> >etc.tgz. I can't find a file etc.tgz anywhere on cray-ymp.
> >
> >Anybody have any idea.
> Which brings up a question I had. What is a tgz file and what do I use to
> open it into something usuable?
> Dale
A tgz file is a combination of tar and gzip. Elongated, it should look like 
".tar.gz". There is a file in the info-mac archive called Macgzip that should
handle the .gz part. As for the .tar part, the MacBSD installer should handle that.

I personally think the etc.tgz thing is just a TYPO.