Subject: kernel w/ nubus vs. internal video
To: None <>
From: Brian R. Gaeke <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/02/1994 21:39:19
(Using this account 'cause my linux system crashed, grr.)

I got macbsd to boot for the first time on my CI, yay!! The trick
was using internal video & setting 32-bit mode in MacOS. It even
worked with all my cards in. 

I then tried it on my nubus video, and got this as the last thing
before the graybars:

Logical = 0x8
phys1 = 0x9
phys2 = 0xab000

And then several gray bars and hang. But the gray bars were all
on the screen (ie. they weren't off the top of the screen like before.)

waiting patiently for 1.0 on Mac,
(but going to 0.9a on my 486...)

Brian Gaeke, The Dimensional Gate Co.  E-Mail: <>
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