Subject: Mac IIcx
To: None <>
From: Sky Striker <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/01/1994 23:20:26
Ok I just downloaded all the tar files from and set
aside a 50 meg partition on an 80 meg drive. I formatted the partition to
A/UX Root and everything and run MacBSD MKFS and then ran the installer and
installed the first 6 tar files. When I run the booter it shows booting and
then flips to another screen that takes up the whole monitor and then the
computer restarts.

Any ideas what I may or may not be doing wrong here?

I'm new to this so I may have missed something.

System configuration is as follows

Mac IIcx running 4 meg of RAM and 80 Internal Hard Drive
Apple Portrait Monitor and control card
AT&T Dataport 14.4K data/fax modem
NEC Intersect CD-ROM drive
Imagewriter II
Standard Keyboard and Apple mouse

Any help would be VERY appreciated!


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