Subject: Re: Couple of Questions...
To: None <>
From: grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/01/1994 21:01:49
> I've a IIsi with 9/40 setup and since I've never tried to install MacBSD on it,
> I was wondering how it would work.  I've been following the comments, but I
> think that a general summary from someone knowledgeable would be in order.

For the most part, you can glean more than I'm going to tell you (in
general and in specifics) from the macbsd-general archives on

> Here are some questions that I'd like answered:
> Does the FPU emulation code work?  (I don't have an FPU.)

Nope.  There is a skeleton in place for FPU emulation, but there is no
flesh to it; the basic framework is setup but there's no actual code
to perform floating point operations in the emulator.  This is a fertile
field for development!  (hint, hint)

> Do the virtual terminals work?  (I remember reading somewhere that they weren't)

VTs work fine, implemented in a program called "dt", which is a 
multiplexing, graphic, variable-font terminal emulator, featuring
mouse-based cut and paste and scrollback buffers.  "dt" uses the
/dev/adb and /dev/grf devices to perform its communication with the
hardware.  Someone is also working on a Kanji version, which I
think is fantastic.

> Does the ADB code work on the si or do you have to remotely login?

The ADB works on these machines: II, IIx, IIcx, SE/30, and IIci.  On the
IIsi and IIvx the ADB does not work, but I am busily carving that out
right now (and I wish I was working on X11R6 instead).  There have been
reports that the newest test kernel boots succesfully on the IIsi if you
configure the logins for serial ports, and I know the IIvx can be booted
this way because I'm using one right now.

> One other point.  I read the FAQ and one of the things that was mentioned was
> the inability to make a mac partition smaller than about 2 megs on a HD.  I
> found a program recently called SetupPartitions by Fabrizio Oddone that will
> make smaller partitions (I have a 996k-byte partition on my drive--what Apple
> forgot to format).  I found it at the Mac Archive at U of Michigan.  I'm not
> sure if such small partitions are bootable; I've never tried.

Even better, you may be able to configure the Booter as Finder on a 1.44M
System 7 disk and use your whole hard disk.

Brad Grantham, >+------+< Happily slaved to NetBSD/Mac68k!
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