Subject: Read-only file system?
To: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/01/1994 20:20:04
Finally got MacBSD to boot on my IIci with 8 megabytes main RAM running
internal video.  Alas, the machine boots multi-user to the serial ports
and single-user to a read-only file system.  Obviously I can't switch
multi-user output to the console witout writing to the file system.  I
think that this problem was addressed by earlier posts, but I wasn't
following this mailing list very well at that time becasuse the kernel
didn't actually boot on my configuration. 

What is the quickest way to get my machine up multi-user on the main
console (I have already installed the virtual term software for this
kernel but can't implement without writing to the disk) with the file
system read-write.  I would surely appreciate any assistance.  The booter
did complain about an improperly stopped file system just once.  Could
there be a possible problem with the disk?  Any help would be much
appreciated, and I apologize in advance if I have duplicated a previously
asked question. 

The very humble, far-from-BSD-Unix-expert,
Lawrence Fife