Subject: New si/ci kernel
To: None <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/01/1994 10:48:33
I sent this announcement out yesterday morning and it went into the
bit bucket.  I hope I remember everything I sent.  Sorry if any of
you get this twice.

[ I'd like people without a IIsi or IIci to try this kernel too.  I'd
like the changes I made to go into MacBSD 1.0, but they need to be
tested more first.  It booted fine on a II that I have here, but
Brad said that it crashed on a IIcx.  Let me know if you used to
be able to boot fine but can't with this kernel and what you saw. ]

I've uploaded:

This is the new dt and will only work with this kernel.

The memory mapping in this kernel is more flexible.  I hope it will
handle better some of your cases where MacOS had mapped NuBus space
in a weird way.  I also went ahead and fixed the case where a IIsi
booted with internal video plugged out.

This new kernel also makes internal video look like a /dev/grf device
so that dt can work on it.

You need to comment out the ttyflags line out of your /etc/rc or
it will lock up there.  That's been fixed in the main source tree,
just not in mine.

It will give you an MMU fault if you try to reboot (shutdown -rf now
or whatever).  This has also been fixed, just not in this release.

If you get a signal 10 (bus error) or 11 (seg fault) on init (pid = 1),
you've either untarred the binaries in ASCII mode or have old binaries.
Don't worry about it, we'll make a new binary distribution soon.  It's
good that it got that far.

If it crashes on a IIsi or IIci, let me know what it printed at the
top of the screen on boot.