Subject: Re: has anyone used a tape drive with macbsd?
To: Greg Ames <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/01/1994 11:28:33
> >Take a look at the kernal source code.  sys/arch/mac68k/dev/st.c I think 
> >lists all the devices that are supported with NetBSD.  I tried using one 
> >of the old Apple Tape Backups (3M MDC-40) and there was no matching 
> >driver.  I will start playing with the kernel source to try and get it 
> >working on this drive as soon as I get a 1.0 kernel, and source that is 
> >stable.
> It's in sys/scsi/st.c.  There is no mention of my exabyte drive :-(,
> but a WangDAT is listed.

The devices listed are 'known rogues' -- drives that don't follow the
SCSI specs quite right, but in well-quantifiable ways.  People have
figured out their idiosyncracies, and set up the table so that they
can be compensated for.

SCSI tapes that follow the spec properly don't need to be mentioned in
that table.

I believe the exabyte doesn't follow the spec, but nobody's figured
out why...  I've used exabytes on various machines for about 4 years
now, and in the ten or twelve that i've used, i've only seen about 2
that were transportable between different vendors' machines, and
only about half of them could even exchange tapes...  *sigh*
I'm sure some of that's my fault (i.e. i used the wrong options to
'dd' some place or other), but the defaults on them are just wacked.