Subject: Re: IIsi and IIci test kernel
To: Chris Jones <>
From: David Leonard <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/31/1994 11:49:21
> 	Interesting problem; the old kernel, which never used to boot
> on my ci, gets as far as four greybars.  The kernel,
> however, hardly gets anywhere.  It gets as far as saying something
> about "[ ... preserving ... ]", and then the screen fills with
> vertical black and white lines.  The first pixel line of the screen
> has a different pattern from the other lines, but other than that,
> it's black and white lines all the way down the screen.
> 	As far as I can tell, I'm doing everything right.  I tried
> reinstalling the .tar files (only using dev.tgz, misc.tgz, bin.tgz,
> sbin.tgz) and the kernel(s), but nothing changes.
> 	Any ideas?

Do you mean that just after the booter says "Bye bye", it fills from bottom 
to top with a consistent stripy form and near the top is a few pixels of 

I was having very similar problems with all the kernels doing something 
almost identical to this until I ensured that gzip was decompressing 
in Binary mode. Start gzip up by itself and choose Binary and Decompress
from the gzip menu. Otherwise got excatly the same symptom syou said, except
I rarely got a "[preserving xxxx bytes...]" message.

The same goes for the tar files ;)

Dave Leonard

David Leonard                
The University of Newcastle            4th year Engineering/CompSci student