Subject: Re: on IIsi
To: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
From: The Accountless dude <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/29/1994 15:44:54
> >  I tried running the new kernel on a IIsi, 17mb, no FPU
> > and internal video.
> Okay, lack of FPU might be what did it here.
> Can you tell me what the text that you saw behind the gray bars said?

[preserving 71292 bytes of netbsd symbol table]
*low = 0x4000000, high = 0x4ff8000
low = 0x50000, high = 0x100000
low = 0x4ff8000, high = 0x5000000
17498112 bytes available (4972 pages)
<some numbers I didn't copy back when I was playing with this. Tell if you want 'em>
 Video address = 0xfee0800
 Weird mapping starts at = 0xfee0800
 Length = 0x50000 (327680 bytes)
logical = 0x8
phys1 = 0x9
phys2 = 0x40ab0000 (not quite sure about my own handwriting on this one)
<might've been something here. I can't read this. I'll look 'em up tommorrow>
phys1 = 0x6
phys2 = 0x7