Subject: Re: IIsi and IIci test kernel
To: None <>
From: Michael Petrotta <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/28/1994 21:58:27
I've got a IIsi and tried this.  Great work; this is the furthest I've
gotten with any kernel yet. The previously-unseen grey bars were a
wonderful sight.

That wasn't very far, however.  After a great deal of configuration
info scrolled off the screen, The following looped continuously:
"Process (pid 1) got signal 11".  This was immediately preceded by (as
near as I could make out):

Changing root device to sd0a
swapping 401 and 401
swapdev = 401, dumpdev = ffffffff.

I've got a IIsi with 17MB, NuBus/FPU board and a Radius 24XP video
board.  I tried booting in 1-bit mode with the video card and internal
video.  NetBSD's got its own 60MB partition on the internal (SCSI ID 0)

Michael Petrotta