Subject: IIsi and IIci test kernel
To: None <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/28/1994 05:08:12
I've uploaded:

Note that it's in the for_testing directory and not new_kernels.

This is a test kernel for IIsi and IIci machines.  It should work
with or without internal video plugged in.  I'm posting from it
now on a IIci with both internal video plugged in and a NuBus video
card, with 16 megs in bank A and 4 in bank B.  Please read these notes
before downloading the kernel:

1. The development for the split-memory support was made possible by
the loan of a IIci by Scott Kaplan.  All IIci and IIsi users should
send him a pizza and a big thanks.  The shipping for the machine was
half paid by him and half paid by Alice from donations from several
of you.  Thanks to everyone!

2. The keyboard on the IIsi has still not been fixed.  However, you may
be able to setup your /etc/ttys file to give you a getty on serial,
from which you could log in with another computer or terminal.
(Change /etc/ttys by copying it out to MacOS with the installer,
modifying it, and copying it back in.)

3. This has not been tested on anything else than a IIci.  It *should*
work on the IIsi.  It may even work on the II.  I'd be interested
in any results that you all may have.  I only have the machine for
a few more days, so try this and let me know of bugs as soon as possible.

4. There is no key repeat at all.

5. The keyboard may lock up the same way that it used to repeat # #
infinitely.  You can avoid this by not typing while the screen is
scrolling.  e.g., hit the enter key slowly.  This is also being worked
on.  It doesn't lock up when desktop is running -- only when using
the built-in mini-console.

6. This *may* not work on IIsi with no monitor plugged into internal
video.  That's because the entire kernel and initial page tables would
have to fit in 1 meg, and I don't think it can.  If this is a big problem,
I can try to fix it.  It would be tough, so I won't do it unless people

7. Internal video is not recognized as a NuBus video card.  That means
that built-in video (with vt100) works fine, but desktop insists on
using the NuBus card.  If you don't have one, then you're stuck with
the built-in mini-console.  I hope to fix it this weekend.

8. The machine does not reboot on "shutdown -fr now" for some reason.
It must be the new memory mapping.  After you see the message about being
unable to set the clock, reboot it by hand.

9. You'll see a bunch of debugging information printed when the system
first comes up.  If this kernel doesn't boot on your machine, tell me
what it says there.

10. On a IIsi or IIci, the memory setting of the booter is ignored
and the memory configuration is detected automatically in the kernel.

11. Remember: this is a test kernel.

As an aside: The terminal emulation I wrote in desktop is actually vt220,
so set your TERM variable to that to get much better performance than
vt102.  Built-in console in this new kernel is vt100.