Subject: Re: Is FPU the only problem with a Duo 230
To: Scott Petrack <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/20/1994 19:36:45
> I have a specially modified Duo 230 with a 68882 in it.
> My question is: is it worth it for me to try to load MacBSD into it?
> I did not quite understand an earlier comment about no keyboard support.
> How does one type commands in such a case?

One doesn't.  That's the problem that one must surmount.  In the case of
the IIvx, the system worked well enough that someone booted to the shell
prompt in single-user mode.  They were then brilliant enough to set up
a SL/IP connection on it, working through the installer and having
access to another machine that ran a slip server.  This allowed them to
get to the machine w/o a working console keyboard.  The Duo doesn't even
boot that far, so you're out of luck on using that approach.

I think that a further understanding of the IIsi/IIvx ADB will allow us
to have more of a clue about the Duo.


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