Subject: fsck -p FAIL multiple times again?
To: macbsd-general <>
From: Peter Siebold <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/20/1994 00:06:14
This is my second time with this problem.  The first time I had to Mkfs 
and reformated my root&user partition and completely reinstalled.  What 
happens is that when I boot single user, and mount -u / and then fsck -p 
I get this error.

/dev/rsd0a: INCORRECT BLOCK COUNT I=7827 (2 should be 0) (CORRECTED)
/dev/rsd0a: UNREF FILE I=7827  OWNER=root MODE=100644
/dev/rsd0a: SIZE=0 MTIME=Jul 18 09:42 1994  (CLEARED)
/dev/rsd0a: 3353 files, 48513 used, 75689 free (433 frags, 9407 blocks, 0.3% fragmentation)

When I reboot, it happens again with EXACTLY the same error.  I may have 
rebooted at one point and not ran fsck -p, then done alot of file manipulation.
Could this have caused this eternal problem?

When booting single user, is a file like rc run?  Is it possible?  Or 
would you have to recompile the kernel?


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