Subject: Re: X11?
To: Greg Gingerich <>
From: Brad "ADB Guy" Grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/19/1994 10:27:15
> First off - a BIG thank you to Allen, Brad & Co for the work they are doing
> w/ MacBSD.  I've been waiting years (literally), to have my very own UNIX sys.

Cool!  I never get tired of hearing this. :)

> [...]
> I have been off the listserv for the past month or two - so forgive me if this
> is old news - but does anyone have the info on what's req'd to get X11 up and
> running?  Is it a straight forward compile of source from MIT or am I getting
> my hopes up without cause?   Any info appreciated...

I compiled X11R6 with the NetBSD/386 configuration, plus some bits and
pieces I had to add, almost completely without errors.  You do need
about five files for building the server which I wrote and which are
specific to NetBSD/Mac68k.  I'm working on IIvx ADB, now, because the
opportunity came and I couldn't pass it up, but I hope to have at least
patches against X11R6 for MacBSD out in a couple of weeks.  (It may be
even easier with a 68030 machine on which to compile instead of my
aging, decrepit Mac II.)

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