Subject: Re: X11?
To: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
From: Greg Gingerich <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/19/1994 14:02:07
> We had X11R6 running internally in Alice a few weeks ago.  Since then, we've
> re-written the console driver, so it no longer runs.  Brad is working on
> fixing this.

Cool! :)

> It is not a straightforward compile of the X11 code because the Mac-specific
> drivers have to be added to the X11 server.  When Brad gets this working,
> we'll release a binary distribution.

Will the binary be graphics card dependant (work w/ some cards & not others)?
> > PS: I have a spare Apple 8-24GC graphics card I'd be willing to
> > donate if anyone on the Alice team would like to investigate supporting it.
> > It's a wonderful 24bit accelerated card, but unfortunately MacBSD freezes
> > after about 7 grey bars when it's in place.
> This would be useful in a few months when more machines are supported.
> (Did you mean "donate" or "lend"?)  Thanks for the offer.
> Lawrence

Donate.  I actually have 2 of these cards, but they're not doing me that much
good right now.  I use one occasionally w/ Mac OS because it's nice to see 
pics in 24bit mode.  

BTW, is the listserv just slow, or are messages intentionally not returned
to the sender...I still haven't seen the message I sent out...

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