Subject: control chars in messages
To: None <>
From: Richard J. Gerrits <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/17/1994 21:11:49
this is not gerrits, just borrowing a account.

apparently I've been giving them and getting them, I've been telneting
through this account to my delphi(vax) account and mailing from there
to avoid the ld phone calls.  I dont see the ^H's in my messages but
ppl who have gotten my mails from delphi say they hve them in them. I've
mailed this account from delphi and hav e put in many backspaces but
havent seen them.  

I use Zterm on my mac II and never had this problem on my SE so I'm assuming
its somewhere between my Zterm and this new account the vax at delhpi.

I've tried changing rubout/delete to destructive backspace and vice cersa as well
as term type (vt100 or pc ansi bbs).  And apparently nothing seems to be working

So as long as this account stays open I will mail from here cuz nobody
has complained about this one and my old account here(now locked)
never had a problem with this configuration either.

sorry for the problems