Subject: Re: dreaming
To: Nicholas Mitchell <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/17/1994 19:03:46
> what are people's plans (if any) for using MacBSD beyond
> hacking the kernal.

NetBSD, in general, is meant as a "stable research platform" --
that is, a system that can be used for commercial, home, and
research work...  what _you_ do with it is up to you.  In
general, those of us working on NetBSD are trying to improve
the system in whatever way we can -- support for more hardware,
stability, performance, documentation...

> my dream is to have 
>   Lisp

There are various lisp packages out there.  i think akcl
has support for NetBSD, but if not, it shouldn't be that
hard of a port...

>   TeX, LaTeX, dvi package

I forget where unix-text is available from (it keeps bouncing,
and is about to bounce again!) -- i think it's available from
washington (state?) university...  It should be a fairly
straightforward port; i did one to 386BSD a couple of years ago,
and it wasn't difficult.  The difficulty lies in figuring
out where all the files should end up...  (i advocate
porting/installilng it, using it for a bit, then reinstalling
it.  seems to work out better that way.)

>   emacs

Unless i'm mistaken, emacs currently compiles (or will compile,
at the next release of emacs) on all (perhaps most -- definitely
i386, m68k, and sparc) of the NetBSD architectures "out of the

>   (ok, c,c++, too :)

you've already got these...