Subject: Uses of MacBSD in work...
To: MacBSD <>
From: Edward G. Wolpert <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/17/1994 09:40:12
(Sorry about the privious blank message...)

    I'm courious... what are people's plans (if any) for using MacBSD beyond
hacking the kernal.  I'm just trying to get ideas from the folks out there.
I'll start by telling you what I've done...

    I've not been doing much kernal hacking here on my se/30 (5mb ram, 23MB
swap, 110MB disk) but I've been doing a bunch of client/serving programming.
I use to use the school's sun computers, but then I was tying up the phone
line so much, which my wife didn't enjoy.  I coded at home, compiled, and
check out the source.  When done, I upload the code to school, re-compile,
and it would run just fine.
    Currently, I'm trying to get a few suns (sun3 arch, old sparc2's) to
start a mini-pub nix board.  I would like to slip macbsd into the group,
and when X is done on MacBSD, it would be my connect into the pubnix.  That's
a bit into the future though.
    BTW: To the entire team of people who are making MacBSD... Thanks.  It 
really made my life easier.
                Edward Wolpert

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