Subject: Re: loop on boot
To: None <>
From: C.P.Townsend <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/16/1994 02:40:03
> Ive got the latest booter/intaller/fiels and leiles and when I bnoot it checks the
> drives says something about swap dev or dev swap and then goes into a loop saying
> itPID1 hasgot signal 10(process 1) got signal 10   ---this is not verbatim but as close as I can remeber...
> system macII, 8meg ram, 160meg drive and a 40meg dreive...
> thanks
> mike
> pleae email to
let me take a guess (this is from my SE/30, 5 meg, 40 and 406 drives [BSD on
the 406], Mode32, Micron video):

...{finds the two drives, everything's cool,
audio, floppy not configured.....}
changing root device to sd1a
swapping 409 and 401
swapdev=409; dumpdev=ffffffff  

Same thing with both the 070894 and 071194 kernels.
/etc/fstab is set up w/ sd1a and sd1b -- but it 
doesn't seem to matter what it has in it....
I'm obviously doing something stupid...besides
working w/ only 5 meg..

this is only my second BSD installation.  The first 
was the alpha release- worked great.  NICE.

any help is greatly appreciated