Subject: new kernel and the desktop
To: None <>
From: Ken Nakata <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/14/1994 18:07:50

I just tried the new kernel (new_kernels/netbsd-071194.gz) and the
desktop.  I'm using SE/30 with 8M ram (no ext video).

The new kernel works fine, especially now I don't get panics when I
logout (with BETA-1 kernel, I used to have a panic each time I logout,
whether using csh or sh)... Except for infinite stream of spurious
keyboard inputs (looks like CR or LF).  Disconnecting and reconnecting
the keyboard does not put the driver (I assume the stream is generated
by the device driver) back in the normal state.

The desktop seems to think that the screen origin is located about at
the top center of the actual screen.  I tried to change the font, but
I can't seem to change.  What are the proper font names?  I tried to
look into the source code for the font names but couldn't due to the
kbd malfunction.  And, it seems to me that, whenever I exit from dt,
it triggers the kbd malfunction although I'm not 100% positive.

And, may I suggest something?  Getting rid of all terminal emulation
functions from the console driver feels a little too far to me.
Separating the kernel and the userinterface is great, but it's really
frustrating to be unable to use even vi when dt doesn't work.  Please
don't take this as flamage.  I love the concept of the new ADB driver
and the desktop, but also *need* some kind of terminal functions when
the desktop is not available.  It doesn't need to be perfect terminal
emulation or fancy virtual consoles.

Thanks for the good job!

Ken Nakata