Subject: Re: Oh, well.
To: MacBSD General Mailing List <>
From: Brad "ADB Guy" Grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/13/1994 13:30:42
Milo Sharp Writes:
>       Since I don't have a portable HD, instead I partitioned off part of
> my Powerbook's drive for MacBSD, so I can try it on the IIcx'es in my office.
> I set aside 55mb for the Root, and 4 for the Swap, and the other 60 or so is
> my MacOS partition.  While I had all the stuff installed, I figured, what the
> heck, go ahead and try it on the Powerbook.
>       Not even a single gray bar.  Blech.  (That's a Powerbook 165c, with 14
> megabytes of RAM.)  I'd hoped for a little, or perhaps even performance
> similar to the IIvx (i.e., no adb, but could be connected to via the serial
> ports).

Does a 165C have an FPU?

I had a Powerbook booting for a time, back in January, in a VERY limited
fashion.  I convinced it to boot to the single user prompt, but it wouldn't
accept input from ADB or send output to serial.  There are several problems
with Powerbooks ad Duos that we may or may not be able to correct some day:

	1) different ADB implementation than the current MacBSD (possibly
	the same as the IIsi, IIvx, and other desktop machines)

	2) the Booter uses the Shutdown Manager, which does things to the
	power manager that have heinous consequences for UNIX, such as:
		a) the serial chip is powered off when not open, and we don't
		open the serial device in the booter, where we could convince
		MacOS to turn on the serial chip, maybe.
		b) the ADB chip may also be turned off by the shutdown manager.
		c) SCSI may sleep, but I had it configured at one point to
		stay awake indefinitely

	3) many PBs and Duos do not have FPU's, and we don't have an
	emulator running yet.

	4) the portables have an implementation of internal video which
	does not interact favorably with our memory map.  This should be
	fixable, given a little time to experiment, which none of us
	here at alice really have.

Milo: I apologize for never solidifying the Powerbook borrow we talked
about.  I guess it will just have to wait until I really have nothing
else on my plate.

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