Subject: Re: Weekend update
To: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
From: Bharat S. Jhaveri <bjhaveri@Arco.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/13/1994 08:39:12
>> I booted on IIci. After the boot was completed, I saw a login message at
>> the bottom of my IIci console. I typed root, but it did not accept any
>> input.
>Allen just gave me a suggestion for the above problem:  In the new setup,
>there's only one console, so if you've got six entries in your /etc/ttys
>(con1-con6), then they're all competing for keyboard input.  Set all
>of the "con1"-"con6" to "off" and set "console" to "on" in /etc/ttys
>and see if that helps.
>Let me know what happens.  I don't think this will help the IIvx.

It worked. After commenting out all con1-con6 entries in /etc/ttys, I had
no problem with the IIci keyboard input. Thanks.

I have a few more questions, please.

1) The ps does not work, gives proc size mismatch error. So as suggested in
FAQ, I got "ps" source files from sun-lamp. But I could not compile it. Got
errors in nlist.c routine. 

2) As long as I was at sun-lamp, I also got sys.tar.gz (as of July 9) to
see if I could recompile the kernel. I have recompiled the previous alpha
kernel. It went OK for a while, but towards the end, during building
libkern, it quits. Some problem with size_t in one of the system header
file - /usr/include/string.h.
Do I need any oyher files beside sys.tar.gz?

3) I could not use slip with the new netbsd-071194 kernel. It does not allow 
" route add default gateway netmask ", saying protocol not supported. I had
no problem with the kernel that came with the beta-1 files. Does inet.conf
and etc/netstart files need editing? 

4) I tried hfs again. Turns out that when I actually try to copy a file from mac
side, it quits, "Abort trap memory fault" (something like that) after
copying only 4096 bytes. I tried both from inside & outside desktop/dt, ie
streight from the console.

  Anyway, the kernel itself and also dt is very stable. I ran emacs on top
of dt. All the kernel building stuff within emacs shell in dt, and no
problem. For the first time, I can reboot or shutdown without any hangup.
Also with this kernel, screen updates are tremendously faster than before.
I am truly impressed with these developments. My questions above are more
for input to you. I hope I am not bothering you. I am actually pretty happy
with the alpha files and Jan 26 kernel, which I have succesfully
used to build many applications, such as gcc, g++, perl, emacs, f2c,  &
gmake. I have even run large
 reservoir simulators (14 MB memory) that I normally run on my RS6000 at office.
Now running that on macIIci on MacBSD is truly remarkable. (FYI compared to
RS6000 model 375, my IIci was 25 times slower on these large simulation
problems. But for debugging and checking code development in these
numerical simulations, that is acceptable.)

Anyway, thanks once again for your work with the MacBSD. I love it.   

Bharat S. Jhaveri