Subject: Oh, well.
To: None <>
From: Milo Sharp - Academic Computing <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/12/1994 21:38:08
	Since I don't have a portable HD, instead I partitioned off part of
my Powerbook's drive for MacBSD, so I can try it on the IIcx'es in my office.
I set aside 55mb for the Root, and 4 for the Swap, and the other 60 or so is
my MacOS partition.  While I had all the stuff installed, I figured, what the
heck, go ahead and try it on the Powerbook.
	Not even a single gray bar.  Blech.  (That's a Powerbook 165c, with 14
megabytes of RAM.)  I'd hoped for a little, or perhaps even performance 
similar to the IIvx (i.e., no adb, but could be connected to via the serial
	No suck luck.  Oh, well.  Guess I have to wait until tomorrow when I 
get back in the office.