Subject: Flames.
To: None <>
From: Jeffrey Whitehead <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/12/1994 21:56:41
Not to be a net_cop or anything, but I'm getting kind of tired of all
the posts that are rather tenuously connected to NetBSD/Mac...

Here are a few observations, which will hopefully cut down the noise
for a bit.

1. NetBSD/Mac is currently operating on the following platforms:
        Mac II, Mac IIcx, Mac IIx, Mac IIci, and (sorta) the Mac IIvx.

        Specifically, MacBSD does not run on 68040 based macintoshes at
        this point. Nor, does it work on the PowerMacs.

2. NetBSD/Mac is currently in ALPHA/BETA -- it is not a stable OS at this
   point. If you don't know your way around BSD unix very well, you are
   going to have problems.

3. ".tgz" files are tar'd, gzip'd files. If you didn't know this, you
   probably should go back and read #2 again.

4. No, there still isn't a PowerMac port.

5. If you are having the "invalid fstab" problem, try making a valid fstab
   on the mac side, and copying it in.

6. If you want to help work on MacBSD, that's great, but keep in mind
   it is pretty much impossible to do development work without a working
   development platform.

If you have specific questions, please, feel free to send them to this list,
but, posts about Linux PPC aren't really in line -- take it to the appropriate

If you have questions that I can answer, feel free to mail me.