Subject: Re: Power Mac adb?
To: Peter Siebold <>
From: Brad "ADB Guy" Grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/12/1994 20:36:32
> I know this is probably getting old for you guys, but what adb controller 
> does the Power Mac use?  The linux port to the power mac is supposed to 
> be close to being done by the end of the summer.  Would it be worth our 
> while to try and get ahold of the authors of the power mac port to linux 
> and see how they did the adb code?

Probably the same or similar ADB to the Quadras.  In fact, I wouldn't
be surprised if there was a similar setup in the machines from the
VX on up (but of course I haven't verified this...).

I don't think the PowerMacLinux people are as far as all that.  I would be
VERY impressed and suspect that they either traced the ROMS, are running
in MacOS like MacMiNT, or have some hook into Apple's PPC development

If they are really about to make an Alpha release, then I will have to
start scouring my budget for about $2500...

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