Subject: Re: Weekend update
To: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
From: Brad Parker <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/11/1994 13:37:14
In message <>, Lawrence Kestelo
ot writes:

>I've uploaded three files tonight:
>    /pub/NetBSD_Mac/new_kernels/netbsd-071194.gz

fyi: this kernel boots fine on my 8mb IIcx (a 68030) but init still crashes
with a bus error ('Process 1 got signal 10').

I know I'm probably jumping the gun (i.e. there's no fix for this yet)


ps: I have sample 'sonic' chip driver code (the sonic is the ethernet
chip used in the Q700 and Q650).  I have a Q650 also.  I had planned
to make a sonic ethernet driver once the 040 port was working
somewhat, but if some one wants to get started right away, holler and
I'll send you the code I have.  (but note that the sonic is much more
complicated than the 8390 and you should spend a little time thinking
about the buffer strategy before you start coding)