Subject: Re: Scoop on IIvx setup.
To: None <,>
From: Bharat S. Jhaveri <bjhaveri@Arco.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/11/1994 08:30:49
>> On the Mac IIci I run interslip's slip control panel. I use direct
>> connection, since the two
>> serial ports are connected. I have mactcp that I use. I give IP no.
>> , I use as gateway. slip control panel is then
>> connected. Then I open ncsa telnet, using SLIP option. I get a teminal
>> window, with NetBSD Mac Console message. But I can not ftp, or even ping
>> I am confused. What is the IP addres Is that on IIvx
>dont use the slip option of ncsa telnet.
>the slip control panel will (er should) handle everything having to
>do with the connection to your IIvx. use telnet exactly as 
>you would if connecting to a host over ether-based TCP
>jim h

I did do that correctly last night and it worked. Thanks for your help.
Bharat S. Jhaveri