Subject: Weekend update
To: None <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/11/1994 04:33:18
I've uploaded three files tonight:

Brad fixed something in the adb code, so IIvx users should try the
new kernel again.  Several of you found a bug in the built-in console
where the enter key would repeat ad infinitum.  Brad squooshed it.
Other minor improvements.  This is basically another IIvx test.
You still need to comment out the "ttyflags" line of your /etc/rc,
but thanks to some help from cgd, Allen and I think we know how to
fix that for the next release.  I use this kernel with the BETA-1

"dt" is another release of the desktop program.  A couple bugs have
been fixed, and it shouldn't core dump as much.  Cut-and-paste is
fixed.  I've got to do some major profiling on this program.  Also,
I've included the two header files from the kernel that you need
to compile this program (adbsys.h and keyboard.h) for people who
want to recompile dt.  You'll have to change the .c files to
find them in the current directory.

"hfs" is an HFS browser I put together on Saturday.  Read the README
file in there.  You can use this as a faster way to copy kernels
into MacBSD, etc.  I'll be adding this as a VFS filesystem pretty
soon.  Due to royal lack of documentation on Apple's part (too many
fields that say, "Used internally"), there's little chance that we'll
ever have a HFS writer, but at least you can read files.  (Big thanks
to Brad for helping me guess at the many places where HFS documentation
didn't match reality.)

Let me know what you find, etc.