Subject: Re: A Quadra port??!!?? YIPPEE!
To: None <>
From: Spencer Allan Smith <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/09/1994 18:03:10
The Quadra 650 does indeed have the fully functional '040 chip. So in a
certain sense,it might be a very similar machine to the G700. I can hope,
at least.
I'm at the stage of actually buying the machine of my choice. I'm lusting
after the Q650, but the PPC7100/66 has a certain allure (I'll be able to
get a bundle cheaper than the 650, and sooner) I know that there's a
flavor of UNIX that IBM has to rum on the PowerPC chip, and I guess Apple
is getting ready to drop PowerOpen on the chip. Has anyone heard anything
about these flavors, is there going to MacBSD for the Powermac?

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-Spencer A. Smith