Subject: Test kernel on cray
To: None <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/07/1994 22:52:56
I've uploaded a very experimental kernel to cray.  Be sure that
you don't overwrite your current one.

Please read the INDEX file in new_kernels and the README file
in dt.tar.gz.  This kernel has the 4.4 changes, the new ADB,
and the new mini-console (no vt100).  You need the dt.tar.gz
file (Desktop) to be able to get vt100 stuff.  Type "dt" after
logging in and you'll get three virtual terminals, just like
the old one.  A lot of features are still missing and it's likely
to crash on non-640x480 1-bit displays, but you have the source
code.  :-)  Command-P toggles the pointer, which you can use to
scroll up and down.  There's cut-and-paste, but I just remembered
that it core dumps here for some reason.  So don't hit your
mouse button.

Also the mini-console should boot on any display and any bit
depth, and it's *really* slow.

I'm interested in seeing if this kernel works on the IIvx.
Especially those of you who can get your kernel to boot on the
IIvx but can't get any keyboard input.  Anyone else who has
some free time is encouraged to try it and give feedback, but
don't bother if you have an '040 or a PowerBook.

There's another include file that you need from the kernel to
be able to recompile dt, but I'll upload that to sun-lamp either
tonight or tomorrow.

Let us know what you find.