Subject: Re: Any luck with the VX ?
To: David Benson <>
From: Brian "Captain" Powell <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/07/1994 12:05:30
>> > There is no IIvx port.  We're not even working on one.
>>       Wow.  Someone should have clarified that issue a *lot* sooner.
>Agreed, but Steve Jobs didn't agree to be our executive janitor and
>since then the MacBSD team has had a hard time reading its crystal ball.
>>       The FAQ specifically says that a IIvx port will be ready about two
>> months from April 19.  Whenever anyone (including me) whines about when the
>The FAQ also specifically says that this entire project is being done by
>volunteers. No one is making a dime off of any of this. This is not
>commercial software. To me, that removes a lot of your right to whine.
>> IIvx will be working, we generally get a near-apologetic answer and a
>> statement about progress on the ABD and (sometimes) video problems.
>MacBSD may be Brad's, Larwence's and Allen's passion, but it doesn't pay
>their bills. They'd get a lot more accomplished if they weren't replying
>to the same whining messages.
>> and X11.  I still am.  I'll do anything (short of shipping you my machine)
>> within my power to get MacBSD running on my machine.
>Then download the sources, and get familiar with assembly. Or if your
>machine has become *so* boring, send the machine to Brad and Lawrence.
>BTW: This message may sound like a directed flame to you, but its to
>MacBSD whiner community at large.

        I have been following the MacBSD for many many moon now, and have
been very grateful for what they have done.  I have absolutely no interest
in a IIvx port, but that is just me.  There is no need for you to get so
upset with him questioning the vx port.  I would have to say that many
people in the last two months have been led to believe that the IIvx port
was imminent.  I remember posts of people sending their machines to the BSD
team.  Thus, all of a sudden, it is announced that there isn't a port has
surprised some.  I am patiently waiting for a Quadra port, and though never
officially supported, etc., I hold out hope that one day it will get there.
As soon as it does, I doubt it will run on my 660AV, but at least I'll
have something to work with to try and get it to run...

        Anyhow, GREAT JOB BSD team!  You have been doing some amazing work.
I can't wait to see someone running X11 on MacBSD, that will be quite a

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