Subject: Re: Any luck with the VX ?
To: Chris Kush <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/07/1994 09:42:10
> > There is no IIvx port.  We're not even working on one.

> 	Wow.  Someone should have clarified that issue a *lot* sooner.

Agreed, but Steve Jobs didn't agree to be our executive janitor and
since then the MacBSD team has had a hard time reading its crystal ball.

> 	The FAQ specifically says that a IIvx port will be ready about two
> months from April 19.  Whenever anyone (including me) whines about when the

The FAQ also specifically says that this entire project is being done by
volunteers. No one is making a dime off of any of this. This is not
commercial software. To me, that removes a lot of your right to whine.

> IIvx will be working, we generally get a near-apologetic answer and a
> statement about progress on the ABD and (sometimes) video problems.

MacBSD may be Brad's, Larwence's and Allen's passion, but it doesn't pay
their bills. They'd get a lot more accomplished if they weren't replying
to the same whining messages.

> and X11.  I still am.  I'll do anything (short of shipping you my machine)
> within my power to get MacBSD running on my machine.

Then download the sources, and get familiar with assembly. Or if your
machine has become *so* boring, send the machine to Brad and Lawrence.


BTW: This message may sound like a directed flame to you, but its to
MacBSD whiner community at large.
David Benson --