Subject: A Quadra port??!!?? YIPPEE!
To: None <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/06/1994 17:07:46
I have been following the interchanges in this group, with an eye toward
setting up my Mac with a version of UNIX that'll do the job. We've been
running Linux on a 486 here at work, and it runs so sweet I knew that it'd
be a wonderful thing to do on my own. 
I haven't been able to comandeer a IIcx for my experimentation, and I'm in
the market now for a Quadra 650. Will there be a version of MacBSD for the
Quadras, and if so will the 650 support it, and if so what sort of storage
and RAM should I think about getting? I'm going to set it up to be a
screaming Mac, but if a slight change in plans would make it more MacBSD
compatible, it would be worth the investment for me to PUMP. . .IT UP!
-Spencer Smith
(Man, or Myth?)