Subject: Memory question
To: None <>
From: Scott Kaplan <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/02/1994 14:46:19
Okay, very important question (to me) at hand.  Since it looks like X will be
available with MacBSD very soon, and the split-memory and ethnernet problems
will be solved soon also, I have a question of investment to ask...

I am told by a Linux-using friend that once you have XWindows going, you're
probably using most of your 8 megs of RAM up.  (Well, that's for me, who has
8 megs of RAM...)  He also claims that on Linux, XWindows and Emacs together
need a good 12 megs at least, and at 8 megs, the swapper will thrash like
nuts trying to run these two things.

For those who know more about how X is going to behave under MacBSD, is this
going to be the case for us MacBSD users also?  I ask because I have an
opportunity to pick up four used 2 meg SIMMs, bringing me up to 12 megs on
my IIci.  Honestly, the old machine isn't worth a huge investment, but I can
sink a little money in if the extra four megs will make it a machine that can
more happily run X and the essentials like emacs.

Thanks for any advice anyone has to offer.