Subject: errors on boot
To: None <>
From: Michael J. Laporte <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/01/1994 22:12:13
I'm getting a couple of errors I can't quite figure out:

/dev/sd0a on /: specified device does not match mounted device.

/dev/sd0g on /usr: device not cfg'd

Filesystem    kbytes  used  avial cap  mounted on

root_device  113887   13718  88780  13%  /

MacBSD Virtual Console Num 1 
panic: kernel jump to zero
Syncing disks . . . done

this is after I answer NO to fscking:
/dev/rsd0a   and

if I answer yes to the first one it gives me a :ioctl(): default cmd=0x41146465
I hit returna nd it says it cant read block 16, continue yes and then sits there
no disk action that I can tell.

can anyone help me with the device errors and kernel jump to zer?



please email direct to