Subject: Re: Video cards
To: None <>
From: Kevin Wilson 315-456-1404 <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/28/1994 08:50:38
In a pair of messages from way back on June 9th.
> >Any negative or positive experiences to report (outside the Apple 8-bit
> >or 1-bit cards)?  Anyone?
> I have a supermac 8/24 that does NOT work (regardless of its bit depth setting)
> I put the card in 1-bit 640x480 (or whatever), select boot, and it basically
> hangs.  When I boot using the other (Apple 8bit) card (while leaving the
> supermac plugged in) NetBSD/Mac reports that the supermac card is in 1-bit mode
> but that its size is 83xx6xx (one of the modes available)  How does NetBSD 
> handle cards that have various supported sizes?  Why does it think the SuperMac
> card has that size? (i can get the exact boot messages if any cares...)
> >-allen
> >          ***** MacBSD == NetBSD/Mac *****
> --chas iii

I have been having a simmular problem using a Magic 8-bit video card.  I
don't have a second card so I can't see what MacBSD thinks the configuration
is.  Actually it my not be the video cards fault but it is the only unique
thing about my system (I've noticed that other MacIIx owners have reported
success in installing lately.)